Know Before Your Baby Wants Something

The baby tracking app that learns your baby so you know what your baby wants before they do.

Learns your baby's schedule

Get cutting edge tech to make understanding your baby easy.

Tracking Your Baby's Activities Made Easy

Track nursing, every bottle, nap and even diaper changes easily with one hand.

Find your baby's schedule

A touch of magic and a dash of AI the app finds when your baby will want something in simple english.

Easily See When Your Baby Last Did Something

See when your baby last was fed, took a nap or had their diaper changed easily. This app will find your baby's schedule and let you know what is coming up.

Synced In The Cloud

All your baby's data is in sync and in the cloud so it doesn't take up room on your device.

Got A Babysitter? No problem

You can easily invite grandma, grandpa or the babysitter to the app with all your baby's data.

Made By A Family For Your Family

What happens when a developer and his wife find out they are pregnant? Well basically this app happens...

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